A Deal With the Devil

Chapter 14

Dragon Hunting

- Killed more kobolds
-Explored the cavern
-Met Maccath
-killed more ice trolls using more walls of fire
-Made a deal with Maccath to kill the dragon
-got a map of the cavern below and agreed to rescue maccath
-Went into the c averns dropped down with a rope. Super dark
-Vala, Banner scared of the dragon decide to retreat
- found a cavern with a lake
-Vala gets hooked in and dragged by ice troll
-Banner dives in after but couldnt swim fast enough
-Torrin Dimension door and windwall to push trolls out of water
-Banner grapples Vala to save her and in the encounter the hook gets brutally dislodged
-Torrin Snake eyes and gets hooked by ice troll
dimesnion door away and out of water
-killed trolls (finally) stopped from regen
-Leomunds tiony hut under water. Much needed rest. Woke up and noticed a new party member. Fat Dgo saw a burst of flames and Trogdor was found in the place of Banner
- After brief introductions, Torrin ended the cast dousing Trogdor (and everyone else)
- headed to dragon cave. Finally found invisible Dragon
-Paddy through a fireball and cliffhanger until the next week

-Dragon was trixy. Ice walls, Major illusion etc. Heroes prevailed, but Fat Dog almost bit it. Dragon corpse disappeared
-Treasure found

-Jongst appeared with a mysterious Crystal dragon skull. Couldnt remember shit
-Talked to Maccath, recruited frogs
-Radioed into SSkyreach for extraction
-Liberated villagers, talked them into becoming indentured slaves at a real cool floating palace
-transported treasure from cavern
-boarded castle and headed for ice giant camp
-High fives all around
-restocked some stuff
-departed for cloud giant city

Chapter 15: Upwards and Onwards
- woke up and found in weird dimension
-attacked by Dream Flayer
-Child of chaos called out
- Most attacks didnt work
-Jongst was sucked into portal, Trogdopr persuaded that he had the child of chaos.
-Heroes sent back to their bodies
-Jongst spat back out of Far realm slightly changed and with a new (tentacle) friend
-Dream Flayer says a little bit about each of the players

-resumed to city
-Trogdor changed to Talos
-Torinn et all accuse him of being child of chaos
-much arguing occured
-Torinn convinced Talos to remove funky armband. Both times ending in sever shock
- Everyone eventually mollified. Decided to talk to Drosnius
-Sold deck of many things for a bargain price to Drosnius
-asked about far realm, referred to Elminster
-did some shopping
-identified some things
-went to banki got personal writs of withdrawl and made some deposits
-Visited council of giants. High fives all around (fire giants a little pissed about helping the frosters first
-Chief Guh still eyeing up Jongst (as a snack?)
-Assignment from fire giants and some badges from Ice giants
-Guantalgrym is where the elemental fire primordial is. Given Iron Flask to transport
-No idea where guantalgrym is, so going to Host tower of the arcane in Luskan to ask (also returning books and letting them know Maccath is safe)
-Departed to Luskan.
-Shackled Talos
-Woke and no change happened
-agreement to keep him shackled at night
Went to Luskan, introduced to wizard dude (Brad to look up name)
-Moving into the tower



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