A Deal With the Devil

Chapter 12:

The party goes Shopping



In this chapter the majority of the party went shopping.

  • The party bought a bunch of things from Growlaf and put a really cool dagger on lay-a-way


  • Vromhor agreed to craft a Hammer with the face of Thrognar on it


  • The party had some magic tricks performed for them
  • Drosnius reached through Space and time to grab Thrognar’s hammer from tomorrow.
  • Drosnius enchanted some stuff
  • Drosnius reached through time and space to grab Isley

Duharanat: The party received some quotes on Slaves and Jongst bought a Zombie named Jimbo

Wrixsag: In which Isley bought a garden, the group discussed mounts and Thrognar bought a cask of ale.

Royal Clothiers: In which Rasam was greeted by a mechanical dove which stayed on his shoulder. The party bought Cold resistant, very fashionable Yeti fur outfits and Rasam traded a white dragon carcass for a very nice set of White dragon scale mail.

Notable Characters
The PC’s
Pamela Isley
Valaryn Khazz’al
Rasam Jassan
[[:Fat Dog| Fat Dog]]

Major NPCs
Jarl Storvald
Vromhor Hammerskin (Fire Giant Master Smith)
Drosnious the Wise (Storm Giant Enchanter)
Wrixsag (Hill Giant Gourmand for Food and supplies)
Duharanat (Djinn Slaver)
Growloff (Olafson Wonderous Emporium owner and operator)

Kill Log

Notable Loot/items

Secrets Found?

Jongst Log

Today started out pretty well. I have a new enchantment on my axe that makes it pretty loud, and Thrognar has a hammer the burns his face into other faces and whatever else he wants to burn it into. I am out of money now, but I now have a fancy rod and backpack. Enchanter was almost as whimsical as me! He did all sorts of crazy magic just for fun and we got stuff at the same time. He even pulled Pamela out of thin air just to impress me, I have already forgotten his name though. By the time we got to the slaver, I was almost broke. I wanted to buy a djinn, but it was way too expensive, so we settled on a zombie, which was knocked off the castle FOR NO REASON AT ALL BY BULGOTHKUS! I demanded satisfaction and we came to an agreement. We each get a punch at each other’s faces, and I get to give the first punch. I took this opportunity to push the button on his collar to send him away, but I was transported instead. I got a lengthy rebuke from our friends in that place, so now I gotta make sure I’m not pulling stunts like that again “or else”, according to them. Now it’s time for some soul searching.



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