A Deal With the Devil

Chapter 11:

City of Giants



Characters scour every inch of Skyreach castle for anything not nailed down.
They spend an inordinate amount of time teleporting in and out of Esclarotta’s tomb
Speaking with Blagothkus, they agree to a story in which the heroes fought off the dragon cult and killed the white dragon, and resurrecting Esclarotta. This is so they are perceived by the Giant council as heroes so that they can more easily sway them to help fight the dragon cult.
They reach the floating cloud giant city of Wraephison where Esclarotta materialized. The party learns her soul has been powering the castle. It turns out she can still do so and can merge in and out of castle at will. At the city, they are greeted as heroes and transported to the council where they manage to mostly sway the council to help. They need to complete two side quests:

  1. 1 – Help the Frost giants slay the “old white death”. A White dragon that has been attacking Frost giant camps
  2. 2 – Help the Fire Giants attain a Primordial Fire elemental to power their adamantine forges in the hopes to restore an ancient dragon killing artifact called “Vonindod”. The Titan of Death. Rumor has it there is one such elemental in the Dwarven forges of Guantalgrym

The heroes are awarded with medals of disctinction that label them friends and heroes to giantkind. A spell grows them to giant size to make getting around easier, and they are let loose on the city.

First stop is to “The Dragon’s Hoard” to visit the money changer, Xunonth, Gold Hoarder


Notable Characters
The PC’s
Pamela Isley
Valaryn Khazz’al
Torrin Kriv
Vamahg “Tinymountain” Valu-Kigala

Major NPCs
Xunonth, Gold Hoarder

Council of Giants
Princess Iymrith
Chief Guh
Thane Kavalithica
Jarl Storvald
Duke Zalto
Countess Sansuri

Vromhor Hammerskin (Fire Giant Master Smith)
Drosnious the Wise (Storm Giant Enchanter)
Heclor (Cloud Giant Priestess of Milekial)
Wrixsag (Hill Giant Gourmand for Food and supplies)
Sawor Hozvier (Gnome Tinkerer)
Duharanat (Djinn Slaver)
Jarlaxle (Drow mercernary company owner)
Ewart (Green Hag, Witch for hire)
Growloff (Olafson Wonderous Emporium owner and operator)
Lowam (High Quality Carpenter)
Cadius (Stone Mason)

Kill Log

Notable Loot/items

Secrets Found?

Jongst Log

Too many tragedies today. First, I tried to use the massive firing thing, and I was too small. I tried to get TinyMountain, but he was too small (living up to his name). Everyone was wandering around looking at things while we waited, so I went back to punch training. It’s like other training, but I just keep punching until I have stronger punching. Then things got interesting.

Everyone was saying a word and disappearing, so I said it too. I hate being left out. We saw some coffin or something like that so like a good party member, I took the burden to open it. No one seemed to want it at all, even TinyMountain. Despite my best efforts, he grabbed me and held me in place. After a few more teleports, I was almost left alone, but Pamela managed to outwit me and made me say the word to leave. I’m still going to open it, but I don’t have time now.

Then we went to a giant city (both large, and has giants) and we met some giant leaders where I met the love of my life, Imerilethebeth. She does not yet share my love, but there is still time to prove my love. Guh keeps looking at me all weird, but she’s on our side now, so I guess she wants to join our party. We also got something that made me HUGE, it’s wonderful, I’m practically a giant now.

When we left, TinyMountain said something about leaving to join a fight club, and I didn’t know how to feel. Our collars fell off, so we were free to do as we pleased. I had to know what the button did when it wasn’t attached to me, so I pressed it. I think it may have been a mistake. I got sent back to the demons and they were very upset about it. Now I’m stuck with this group again and we have some new guy with us. I think his name is Rasmin, or Rasuto, or Azi. It’s too late to ask again now.

I wonder if Imerilethebeth likes Dragon Teeth.



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