A Deal With the Devil

Chapter 9:

Castle in the sky



-Pc’s hop on Wyverns and make their way to Skyreach castle where Talis has said the dragon hoard is being transported
-They arrive to find a cloud giant named Blagothkus in charge of the castle and seemingly in a delicate alliance with the dragon cult.
-After some exchanges, (almost resulting in a TPK) he outs the characters for lying to him. Kills Rezmir and Craggnor and gives the PCs one last chance to come clean.
-PC’s spill that they are working for Asmodeus and are not Dragon Cult after all
-Blagothkus makes them a deal. Rid the castle of the white dragon, and they can go free and he may even assist them with their mission.
-Some of the party rests
-Hisser has the perfect day
-They come together and after a hard fought battle manage to defeat Glazhael the Cloudchaser (hisser gets the last blow)
- They return to Blagothkus and he mentions there are a few remaining allies of the Dragon cult that need culling. He promises treasure if they can kill the red wizards and the vampire.
-Pcs check on Red Wizards and realize that one of them is Azbara Jos who feigns ignorance on knowing them
-Pcs leave them for now and pursue the vampires
-They try to climb the tower (badly) but finally make it in
-Everyone but Jongst finds vampires and they think they kill them

Notable Characters
The PC’s
+Tiny Mountain

Major NPCs
Rezmir the Black
Azbara Jos + 1 red wizard

Kill Log

Notable Loot/items
Censure (warped back to Gra’zzt)

Secrets Found?
Loot under the ice in the dragon’s lair



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