A Deal With the Devil

Chapter 8:

Through the Portal....


The Characters pass through the portal of Naerytar and arise on a windswept mountain top
Three other portals stand at each point of the compass
A bows throw away is a hunting lodge that the characters move to
The start exploring, running into several human servants and an ornery 4 armed troll, but manage to convince them they are with the dragon cult

After exploring the hunting lodge and a couple shenanigans with a teleporting tapestry, the group finds that Farideh has disappeared and in his place there is a Crow like humanoid named Hisser. It takes a little convincing but the party ends up adopting Hisser and heads up to the second floor to meet with Talis.

Talis welcomes the PCs to her lodge and informs them that she can see through their disguises. She proposes an interesting offer. Help her take down Varram the White who resides in a flying castle (which is being used to transport the dragon cult treasure the party has been chasing), and she will let them keep the dragon hoard treasure.

The party agrees, she gives them some cultist signals, a banner to fly and offers beds to the party.

Torin and Vala go rest. Thrognar and the two rogues explore the lodge. The first door open is Talis’ private chambers where she is relaxing. She scolds the players for entering, but in a bold move, is seduced by Thrognar’s charm. The rogues leave and head to the basement where they find three other prisoners. One, a minion of the very Vallam that Talis wants removed, the other two being agents of Asmodeus.

The rogues free all three, two of which disappear with a press of the buttons on their collar.

They are left with the dwarf who is encouraging them to leave the lodge as quickly as possible.

The PC’s
Valaryn Khazz’al
Farideh KhageHisser
Torrin Kriv
Fat Dog

Major NPCs
Talis Kasteral (Talis the White)
Craggnor <- is he the dwarf?

Kill Log

Notable Loot/items
5 colored banner of the dragon cult

Secrets Found?



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