A Deal With the Devil

Chapter 13:

Under Ice



In this chapter the PC’s left the city of Wraephison for the North. They visited a tribe of Frost Giants who hooked them up with a Land skimmer and a guide.

After a days travel they docked next to an iceberg and were ambushed by Trolls in the dead of night. Rasam’s fireballs made quick work of most while Jongst kept the party on their toes by using his sonic axe to almost destroy their land skimmer. Luckily only Vala and Torin ended up in the drink and Vala was able to catch her weapon before it was lost to the gods of the ocean.

The party set out again and eventually came upon the Ice Hunter village of Oyaviggaton on the iceberg where Aurathator’s layer was rumored to be.

Using some high magic and mass invisibility they infiltrated the camp without alerting anyone. They found that one building stuck out among the others and investigated. Turns out that it was the local Shaman.

Through some excellent acting and prop manipulation, the Bard managed to win over the Shaman.

In the Bards words:

“At first i congratulated him for summoning me after years of devoted work
then i offered assistance in killing the dragon, he didnt believe me,
tried to cast a curse or something on me. i resisted, he was impressed
I showed him the dragon eye to have him believe that i can slay dragons
informed him of our team. He offered a map of the lower caverns and told us that if the dragon found out he helped, the entire tribe would be slaughtered
some of the team members showed themselves. He then opened up a secret passage way in the hut, gave the companions a map and sent them on their way. Torrin and Vala waited behind for reasons unannounced and the rest of the party decended into darkness.
Turns out the passage was more of an ice slide in which Jongst, Torinn and Rasam rapidly descended. At the bottom they found a knocked out Thrognar, and another character named Banner. Rasam and Torin collected these Barbarians and added them to the party and started exploring.”

The first room they came upon had a handful of kobolds in various states of maintenance. The room seemed to be a trophy room of sorts with a host of frozen Giants stuck forever in their final throws of death.

The Kobolds, noticing the extremely daunting party, scrambled and tried to run and hide in sheer fear of their greatness. One was so frightened, in panic, he through a bucket on his head and stood motionless.

The blood thirsty party didnt give the defenceless Kobolds the slightest chance and began their slaughter. In the excitement of battle, Jongst alerted a garrison of near by ice trolls with the sonic booms of his axe.

Using a good funneling technique, strategic twin walls of fire, and a pocket of darkness, the party managed to slay half a dozen ice trolls, and one particularly mean looking Cloud Giant Zombie.

Notable Characters
The PC’s
Valaryn Khazz’al
Rasam Jassan
Fat Dog

Major NPCs

Kobold # 1 (Kobold with Stare of Death)
Kobold #4 (bucket head Kobold)
Kobold #8 (He who cant be hit)

Kill Log

A shit tonne of Ice trolls
Some loveable House Kobolds
One giant Zombie (literally)

Notable Loot/items

Secrets Found?

Jongst Log

Part 1
I can’t even begin to explain what’s going on here. We were all over the place, but I remember the important things. First of all, I beat a giant. Bolgothkus and I settled things like warriors somewhat. I first tried to teleport him to our mutual friend but ended up teleporting myself. Everyone was pretty cool with it, I don’t see anything wrong with using a few souls. After that I punched the giant in the face and he missed badly so I consider the matter with the zombie resolved.

Then we went to the place we had to go to next (something about ice or something like that, I dunno) to kill something. I didn’t need details, I’ve got my loud axe. Speaking of which, I almost tore a boat apart while fighting some water or ice trolls when I hit them and it blasted everyone off the ship. Vala almost lost her bow in the process, whoops. The new guy blasted the trolls with a fireball and that seemed to solve that issue.

Once we got to the town, we were turned invisible by someone and we were free to sneak through the town. We made our way to a tent where some guy was doing stuff but it seemed important. Then the most frightening thing happened. A ghost started talking to the guy in the tent! Then there was a flapping of wind on the tent which was also spooky. The last thing I remember was getting ready to sneak our way down into the depths to fight this monster. I wonder if it’s a vampire.

Part 2
So now that we’re at the place we’re supposed to be at in order to kill that thing, we’re there. We went down a huge slide and landed on our good friend Thrognar and some other guy whose name I forgot already, but he’s a fellow barbarian, so we’re good. Then we went on a very short journey to the first room we could find and in that room was kobolds. Those things were cleaning ice statues of giants so they were working for the bad guys. We swiftly wiped them off the map, including one who hid under a bucket. I’m really enjoying my boom axe, it really brings the pain. Out of nowhere, a giant zombie shows up which put me into a rage. Us barbarians took care of this thing while a bunch of trolls showed up on fire. Now we have fire blocking the door. Great. How did they even know we were there? Oh well, we killed them too.



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