A Deal With the Devil

Chapter 10:

A Side Trip to Hell




-Character emerge from Vampire tower to realize that they are no longer in Faerun
-Pretty quickly notice the hellish landscape:

You emerge from the tower to a dramatically different landscape from where you had last left the flying castle.
The air smells heavily of Sulphur and brimstone. So thick, the ash filled air makes you cough. Looking around you, across the courtyards, Devils and imps dance atop the smoking corpses of dozens of dead and dying ogres. All splayed out in various and ghoulish ways. The sky above is black and streaked with swirling and flying ember. Over the edge of the castle, miles below is a cracked and pitted landscape.
Something tells you that you are not in Faerun any longer.
Looking down on the courtyard, a terrifying PIT fiend stands out from the other devils. He is staring up at your ledge. Points and beckons you to follow…

He leads you to the lower courtyard where an even more grizzly scene awaits you. Body parts and blood are spread everywhere. In the center of it all stands Graw’wt and Asmodeus. Next to him, somehow looking smaller than both is Blagothkus. A different visage from the last time you saw him. Where once you saw confidence and cockiness now lies a face of fear and despair. You do notice a golden collar around his neck….

Asmodeus looks at the party and somehow feels like he is meeting everyones gaze at once.

You…. Idiots…. Almost ruined everything…. You broke our contract. Now prices must be paid.
The amount of souls I needed to burn to hide this mess from prying eyes is insurmountable. The cost of cleanup even more.
Luckily Blaggy and I have come to a deal. He works for me now. I happen to have something he wants… But the rest… well, the sacrifice was necessary.
As much as I appreciated both the souls of the dragon and the ancient one, what is done has been done. You broke the contract, now the soul price must be paid. AN eye for an eye and all that….

He points a finger at… roll dice…..
1 Paddy
2 Laura
3 Kevin
4 Josh
5 Stu
6 Paul
7 Brandon
8 Fireball shared by all

Now Im going to return this castle to the material plane. Again at great cost to me. It is extremely valuable to us though going forward. And you still owe me souls.
After killing anything big. Please be a dear and collect the soul in one of these. (He throws you a bandoleer of 12 phalactaries). I would be careful not to display those in public. If any goody two shoe sees you with them… Well, there might be difficult questions to answer.
Now go see the giants in the north. Restock, rest up. You will need it. Id recommend to head back to waterdeep when you are done. The council there is meeting and probably need your attendance before they make their next decicions.

Oh and good work on the censor. I thought you guys wouldn’t ever find it again. Congrats, you passed the test and all that… Now go……

Notable Characters

The PC’s
HisserPamela Isley
Torrin Kriv
Valaryn Khazz’al
Vamahg “Tinymountain” Valu-Kigala

Major NPCs

Kill Log
4 x Gargoyles

Notable Loot/items

Secrets Found?

March 7 Jongst log:
Still no sign of those vampires. Music man says those things we killed had to be vampires but I know he’s wrong. I am sure of it. Everyone knows that vampires are vegetable-eating slimy sluglike creatures. We’ll have to find them later though. We were leaving the tower when we noticed we weren’t in the same place anymore. All red in the sky and all my chances to kill giants are gone. Very sad. I tried a new move to get down the tower, but it still needs some time. I hit myself in the face with my axe and then fell gently. I’ll try it again when I get another chance.

This devil guy who sent us said that we broke a promise but we kept the treasure so I don’t know what his deal is. He does scare the Bulgothkus out of me though, so I’m gonna let him do his thing. I guess Bulgothkus works for us now since he’s got the same shiny neck things as us. Neato. So the birdman got pointed at and just died right there, no fight, no nuthin. Now we’ve got a treeperson and another barbarian. The barbarian shares my love of fights so I think we’re in for a wild ride.

After that, we walked around and found some flying dealies. I had Tinymountain throw me into a flying one and we crushed that thing. We were gonna get another but it ran like a coward. I will have to get it later. We got some stuff and they say we’re going to divide it later. I’m wearing bracers now, so that’s cool.



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