A Deal With the Devil

Chapter 16: Spelunking

Coles notes of last adventure stuff. I will clean up later, but thought I would send to refresh memories. If there is anything you want to add, let me know

-Met 4 people at the host tower of arcane
-one gave map and amde portal to underdark area that led to guntalgrym
-Night vision goggles accquired
-Talos resurrected some corpses to show how good of a healer he was
Switched to Isley. She was useless. Leader of tghe hostower forwarded time until Farraday showed up
-Party went through portal

THrone and oozes. Chaos trap triggered. ALmost killed someone

Room 2: Flappy flaps and some treasure. Jongst wandered off, made some booms. Attracted a fire giant

Jongst ended up facing a clack clack and a mimic. Triumphed over both

Meanwhile the group played cat and mouse with the giant and finally destroyed him

Group reunited, but caught in gas chamber

Thrognar and Rasam appeared and tried to save heroes.
Faraday dispelled the wall with a really good 20 roll

Masks on wall found. When fat dog and rasam put them on, augmented magical reality appeared, showing them locations of traps, arrows, levers and buttons etc.

Found a room with a portal and shades. Shades called fat dog out as prince of shadow. Swore fealty to him.

Faraday interrogated the Shades. Found out that Fat Dog is the son of the King of shadows and that he is half shade. Learned that the plane of shadow houses the kingdom of the shade. Life force is slowly drained there. Shades asked Fat dog to join them to claim his birthright. Agreed to wait for party until Fat Dog and crew were ready. (Party figured out how to activate portal using masks and virtual console located on the eUla)
Shades warned of the beholder that has a place here

Party decided to continue to Guantalgrym.
Tried to avoid beholder. Surrounded by thraals that looked like duplicates of characters
Many fireballs and walls of fire decimated the ranks. One tried to get away, and exploded when cornered.

Said something about taking the easy route instead of the hard one before he died.

Someone (Rasam?) Went to entrance and through a fireball down the hallway.

Chapter 14
Dragon Hunting

- Killed more kobolds
-Explored the cavern
-Met Maccath
-killed more ice trolls using more walls of fire
-Made a deal with Maccath to kill the dragon
-got a map of the cavern below and agreed to rescue maccath
-Went into the c averns dropped down with a rope. Super dark
-Vala, Banner scared of the dragon decide to retreat
- found a cavern with a lake
-Vala gets hooked in and dragged by ice troll
-Banner dives in after but couldnt swim fast enough
-Torrin Dimension door and windwall to push trolls out of water
-Banner grapples Vala to save her and in the encounter the hook gets brutally dislodged
-Torrin Snake eyes and gets hooked by ice troll
dimesnion door away and out of water
-killed trolls (finally) stopped from regen
-Leomunds tiony hut under water. Much needed rest. Woke up and noticed a new party member. Fat Dgo saw a burst of flames and Trogdor was found in the place of Banner
- After brief introductions, Torrin ended the cast dousing Trogdor (and everyone else)
- headed to dragon cave. Finally found invisible Dragon
-Paddy through a fireball and cliffhanger until the next week

-Dragon was trixy. Ice walls, Major illusion etc. Heroes prevailed, but Fat Dog almost bit it. Dragon corpse disappeared
-Treasure found

-Jongst appeared with a mysterious Crystal dragon skull. Couldnt remember shit
-Talked to Maccath, recruited frogs
-Radioed into SSkyreach for extraction
-Liberated villagers, talked them into becoming indentured slaves at a real cool floating palace
-transported treasure from cavern
-boarded castle and headed for ice giant camp
-High fives all around
-restocked some stuff
-departed for cloud giant city

Chapter 15: Upwards and Onwards
- woke up and found in weird dimension
-attacked by Dream Flayer
-Child of chaos called out
- Most attacks didnt work
-Jongst was sucked into portal, Trogdopr persuaded that he had the child of chaos.
-Heroes sent back to their bodies
-Jongst spat back out of Far realm slightly changed and with a new (tentacle) friend
-Dream Flayer says a little bit about each of the players

-resumed to city
-Trogdor changed to Talos
-Torinn et all accuse him of being child of chaos
-much arguing occured
-Torinn convinced Talos to remove funky armband. Both times ending in sever shock
- Everyone eventually mollified. Decided to talk to Drosnius
-Sold deck of many things for a bargain price to Drosnius
-asked about far realm, referred to Elminster
-did some shopping
-identified some things
-went to banki got personal writs of withdrawl and made some deposits
-Visited council of giants. High fives all around (fire giants a little pissed about helping the frosters first
-Chief Guh still eyeing up Jongst (as a snack?)
-Assignment from fire giants and some badges from Ice giants
-Guantalgrym is where the elemental fire primordial is. Given Iron Flask to transport
-No idea where guantalgrym is, so going to Host tower of the arcane in Luskan to ask (also returning books and letting them know Maccath is safe)
-Departed to Luskan.
-Shackled Talos
-Woke and no change happened
-agreement to keep him shackled at night
Went to Luskan, introduced to wizard dude (Brad to look up name)
-Moving into the tower

Chapter 13:
Under Ice



In this chapter the PC’s left the city of Wraephison for the North. They visited a tribe of Frost Giants who hooked them up with a Land skimmer and a guide.

After a days travel they docked next to an iceberg and were ambushed by Trolls in the dead of night. Rasam’s fireballs made quick work of most while Jongst kept the party on their toes by using his sonic axe to almost destroy their land skimmer. Luckily only Vala and Torin ended up in the drink and Vala was able to catch her weapon before it was lost to the gods of the ocean.

The party set out again and eventually came upon the Ice Hunter village of Oyaviggaton on the iceberg where Aurathator’s layer was rumored to be.

Using some high magic and mass invisibility they infiltrated the camp without alerting anyone. They found that one building stuck out among the others and investigated. Turns out that it was the local Shaman.

Through some excellent acting and prop manipulation, the Bard managed to win over the Shaman.

In the Bards words:

“At first i congratulated him for summoning me after years of devoted work
then i offered assistance in killing the dragon, he didnt believe me,
tried to cast a curse or something on me. i resisted, he was impressed
I showed him the dragon eye to have him believe that i can slay dragons
informed him of our team. He offered a map of the lower caverns and told us that if the dragon found out he helped, the entire tribe would be slaughtered
some of the team members showed themselves. He then opened up a secret passage way in the hut, gave the companions a map and sent them on their way. Torrin and Vala waited behind for reasons unannounced and the rest of the party decended into darkness.
Turns out the passage was more of an ice slide in which Jongst, Torinn and Rasam rapidly descended. At the bottom they found a knocked out Thrognar, and another character named Banner. Rasam and Torin collected these Barbarians and added them to the party and started exploring.”

The first room they came upon had a handful of kobolds in various states of maintenance. The room seemed to be a trophy room of sorts with a host of frozen Giants stuck forever in their final throws of death.

The Kobolds, noticing the extremely daunting party, scrambled and tried to run and hide in sheer fear of their greatness. One was so frightened, in panic, he through a bucket on his head and stood motionless.

The blood thirsty party didnt give the defenceless Kobolds the slightest chance and began their slaughter. In the excitement of battle, Jongst alerted a garrison of near by ice trolls with the sonic booms of his axe.

Using a good funneling technique, strategic twin walls of fire, and a pocket of darkness, the party managed to slay half a dozen ice trolls, and one particularly mean looking Cloud Giant Zombie.

Notable Characters
The PC’s
Valaryn Khazz’al
Rasam Jassan
Fat Dog

Major NPCs

Kobold # 1 (Kobold with Stare of Death)
Kobold #4 (bucket head Kobold)
Kobold #8 (He who cant be hit)

Kill Log

A shit tonne of Ice trolls
Some loveable House Kobolds
One giant Zombie (literally)

Notable Loot/items

Secrets Found?

Jongst Log

Part 1
I can’t even begin to explain what’s going on here. We were all over the place, but I remember the important things. First of all, I beat a giant. Bolgothkus and I settled things like warriors somewhat. I first tried to teleport him to our mutual friend but ended up teleporting myself. Everyone was pretty cool with it, I don’t see anything wrong with using a few souls. After that I punched the giant in the face and he missed badly so I consider the matter with the zombie resolved.

Then we went to the place we had to go to next (something about ice or something like that, I dunno) to kill something. I didn’t need details, I’ve got my loud axe. Speaking of which, I almost tore a boat apart while fighting some water or ice trolls when I hit them and it blasted everyone off the ship. Vala almost lost her bow in the process, whoops. The new guy blasted the trolls with a fireball and that seemed to solve that issue.

Once we got to the town, we were turned invisible by someone and we were free to sneak through the town. We made our way to a tent where some guy was doing stuff but it seemed important. Then the most frightening thing happened. A ghost started talking to the guy in the tent! Then there was a flapping of wind on the tent which was also spooky. The last thing I remember was getting ready to sneak our way down into the depths to fight this monster. I wonder if it’s a vampire.

Part 2
So now that we’re at the place we’re supposed to be at in order to kill that thing, we’re there. We went down a huge slide and landed on our good friend Thrognar and some other guy whose name I forgot already, but he’s a fellow barbarian, so we’re good. Then we went on a very short journey to the first room we could find and in that room was kobolds. Those things were cleaning ice statues of giants so they were working for the bad guys. We swiftly wiped them off the map, including one who hid under a bucket. I’m really enjoying my boom axe, it really brings the pain. Out of nowhere, a giant zombie shows up which put me into a rage. Us barbarians took care of this thing while a bunch of trolls showed up on fire. Now we have fire blocking the door. Great. How did they even know we were there? Oh well, we killed them too.

Chapter 12:
The party goes Shopping



In this chapter the majority of the party went shopping.

  • The party bought a bunch of things from Growlaf and put a really cool dagger on lay-a-way


  • Vromhor agreed to craft a Hammer with the face of Thrognar on it


  • The party had some magic tricks performed for them
  • Drosnius reached through Space and time to grab Thrognar’s hammer from tomorrow.
  • Drosnius enchanted some stuff
  • Drosnius reached through time and space to grab Isley

Duharanat: The party received some quotes on Slaves and Jongst bought a Zombie named Jimbo

Wrixsag: In which Isley bought a garden, the group discussed mounts and Thrognar bought a cask of ale.

Royal Clothiers: In which Rasam was greeted by a mechanical dove which stayed on his shoulder. The party bought Cold resistant, very fashionable Yeti fur outfits and Rasam traded a white dragon carcass for a very nice set of White dragon scale mail.

Notable Characters
The PC’s
Pamela Isley
Valaryn Khazz’al
Rasam Jassan
[[:Fat Dog| Fat Dog]]

Major NPCs
Jarl Storvald
Vromhor Hammerskin (Fire Giant Master Smith)
Drosnious the Wise (Storm Giant Enchanter)
Wrixsag (Hill Giant Gourmand for Food and supplies)
Duharanat (Djinn Slaver)
Growloff (Olafson Wonderous Emporium owner and operator)

Kill Log

Notable Loot/items

Secrets Found?

Jongst Log

Today started out pretty well. I have a new enchantment on my axe that makes it pretty loud, and Thrognar has a hammer the burns his face into other faces and whatever else he wants to burn it into. I am out of money now, but I now have a fancy rod and backpack. Enchanter was almost as whimsical as me! He did all sorts of crazy magic just for fun and we got stuff at the same time. He even pulled Pamela out of thin air just to impress me, I have already forgotten his name though. By the time we got to the slaver, I was almost broke. I wanted to buy a djinn, but it was way too expensive, so we settled on a zombie, which was knocked off the castle FOR NO REASON AT ALL BY BULGOTHKUS! I demanded satisfaction and we came to an agreement. We each get a punch at each other’s faces, and I get to give the first punch. I took this opportunity to push the button on his collar to send him away, but I was transported instead. I got a lengthy rebuke from our friends in that place, so now I gotta make sure I’m not pulling stunts like that again “or else”, according to them. Now it’s time for some soul searching.

Chapter 11:
City of Giants



Characters scour every inch of Skyreach castle for anything not nailed down.
They spend an inordinate amount of time teleporting in and out of Esclarotta’s tomb
Speaking with Blagothkus, they agree to a story in which the heroes fought off the dragon cult and killed the white dragon, and resurrecting Esclarotta. This is so they are perceived by the Giant council as heroes so that they can more easily sway them to help fight the dragon cult.
They reach the floating cloud giant city of Wraephison where Esclarotta materialized. The party learns her soul has been powering the castle. It turns out she can still do so and can merge in and out of castle at will. At the city, they are greeted as heroes and transported to the council where they manage to mostly sway the council to help. They need to complete two side quests:

  1. 1 – Help the Frost giants slay the “old white death”. A White dragon that has been attacking Frost giant camps
  2. 2 – Help the Fire Giants attain a Primordial Fire elemental to power their adamantine forges in the hopes to restore an ancient dragon killing artifact called “Vonindod”. The Titan of Death. Rumor has it there is one such elemental in the Dwarven forges of Guantalgrym

The heroes are awarded with medals of disctinction that label them friends and heroes to giantkind. A spell grows them to giant size to make getting around easier, and they are let loose on the city.

First stop is to “The Dragon’s Hoard” to visit the money changer, Xunonth, Gold Hoarder


Notable Characters
The PC’s
Pamela Isley
Valaryn Khazz’al
Torrin Kriv
Vamahg “Tinymountain” Valu-Kigala

Major NPCs
Xunonth, Gold Hoarder

Council of Giants
Princess Iymrith
Chief Guh
Thane Kavalithica
Jarl Storvald
Duke Zalto
Countess Sansuri

Vromhor Hammerskin (Fire Giant Master Smith)
Drosnious the Wise (Storm Giant Enchanter)
Heclor (Cloud Giant Priestess of Milekial)
Wrixsag (Hill Giant Gourmand for Food and supplies)
Sawor Hozvier (Gnome Tinkerer)
Duharanat (Djinn Slaver)
Jarlaxle (Drow mercernary company owner)
Ewart (Green Hag, Witch for hire)
Growloff (Olafson Wonderous Emporium owner and operator)
Lowam (High Quality Carpenter)
Cadius (Stone Mason)

Kill Log

Notable Loot/items

Secrets Found?

Jongst Log

Too many tragedies today. First, I tried to use the massive firing thing, and I was too small. I tried to get TinyMountain, but he was too small (living up to his name). Everyone was wandering around looking at things while we waited, so I went back to punch training. It’s like other training, but I just keep punching until I have stronger punching. Then things got interesting.

Everyone was saying a word and disappearing, so I said it too. I hate being left out. We saw some coffin or something like that so like a good party member, I took the burden to open it. No one seemed to want it at all, even TinyMountain. Despite my best efforts, he grabbed me and held me in place. After a few more teleports, I was almost left alone, but Pamela managed to outwit me and made me say the word to leave. I’m still going to open it, but I don’t have time now.

Then we went to a giant city (both large, and has giants) and we met some giant leaders where I met the love of my life, Imerilethebeth. She does not yet share my love, but there is still time to prove my love. Guh keeps looking at me all weird, but she’s on our side now, so I guess she wants to join our party. We also got something that made me HUGE, it’s wonderful, I’m practically a giant now.

When we left, TinyMountain said something about leaving to join a fight club, and I didn’t know how to feel. Our collars fell off, so we were free to do as we pleased. I had to know what the button did when it wasn’t attached to me, so I pressed it. I think it may have been a mistake. I got sent back to the demons and they were very upset about it. Now I’m stuck with this group again and we have some new guy with us. I think his name is Rasmin, or Rasuto, or Azi. It’s too late to ask again now.

I wonder if Imerilethebeth likes Dragon Teeth.

Chapter 10:
A Side Trip to Hell




-Character emerge from Vampire tower to realize that they are no longer in Faerun
-Pretty quickly notice the hellish landscape:

You emerge from the tower to a dramatically different landscape from where you had last left the flying castle.
The air smells heavily of Sulphur and brimstone. So thick, the ash filled air makes you cough. Looking around you, across the courtyards, Devils and imps dance atop the smoking corpses of dozens of dead and dying ogres. All splayed out in various and ghoulish ways. The sky above is black and streaked with swirling and flying ember. Over the edge of the castle, miles below is a cracked and pitted landscape.
Something tells you that you are not in Faerun any longer.
Looking down on the courtyard, a terrifying PIT fiend stands out from the other devils. He is staring up at your ledge. Points and beckons you to follow…

He leads you to the lower courtyard where an even more grizzly scene awaits you. Body parts and blood are spread everywhere. In the center of it all stands Graw’wt and Asmodeus. Next to him, somehow looking smaller than both is Blagothkus. A different visage from the last time you saw him. Where once you saw confidence and cockiness now lies a face of fear and despair. You do notice a golden collar around his neck….

Asmodeus looks at the party and somehow feels like he is meeting everyones gaze at once.

You…. Idiots…. Almost ruined everything…. You broke our contract. Now prices must be paid.
The amount of souls I needed to burn to hide this mess from prying eyes is insurmountable. The cost of cleanup even more.
Luckily Blaggy and I have come to a deal. He works for me now. I happen to have something he wants… But the rest… well, the sacrifice was necessary.
As much as I appreciated both the souls of the dragon and the ancient one, what is done has been done. You broke the contract, now the soul price must be paid. AN eye for an eye and all that….

He points a finger at… roll dice…..
1 Paddy
2 Laura
3 Kevin
4 Josh
5 Stu
6 Paul
7 Brandon
8 Fireball shared by all

Now Im going to return this castle to the material plane. Again at great cost to me. It is extremely valuable to us though going forward. And you still owe me souls.
After killing anything big. Please be a dear and collect the soul in one of these. (He throws you a bandoleer of 12 phalactaries). I would be careful not to display those in public. If any goody two shoe sees you with them… Well, there might be difficult questions to answer.
Now go see the giants in the north. Restock, rest up. You will need it. Id recommend to head back to waterdeep when you are done. The council there is meeting and probably need your attendance before they make their next decicions.

Oh and good work on the censor. I thought you guys wouldn’t ever find it again. Congrats, you passed the test and all that… Now go……

Notable Characters

The PC’s
HisserPamela Isley
Torrin Kriv
Valaryn Khazz’al
Vamahg “Tinymountain” Valu-Kigala

Major NPCs

Kill Log
4 x Gargoyles

Notable Loot/items

Secrets Found?

March 7 Jongst log:
Still no sign of those vampires. Music man says those things we killed had to be vampires but I know he’s wrong. I am sure of it. Everyone knows that vampires are vegetable-eating slimy sluglike creatures. We’ll have to find them later though. We were leaving the tower when we noticed we weren’t in the same place anymore. All red in the sky and all my chances to kill giants are gone. Very sad. I tried a new move to get down the tower, but it still needs some time. I hit myself in the face with my axe and then fell gently. I’ll try it again when I get another chance.

This devil guy who sent us said that we broke a promise but we kept the treasure so I don’t know what his deal is. He does scare the Bulgothkus out of me though, so I’m gonna let him do his thing. I guess Bulgothkus works for us now since he’s got the same shiny neck things as us. Neato. So the birdman got pointed at and just died right there, no fight, no nuthin. Now we’ve got a treeperson and another barbarian. The barbarian shares my love of fights so I think we’re in for a wild ride.

After that, we walked around and found some flying dealies. I had Tinymountain throw me into a flying one and we crushed that thing. We were gonna get another but it ran like a coward. I will have to get it later. We got some stuff and they say we’re going to divide it later. I’m wearing bracers now, so that’s cool.

Chapter 9:
Castle in the sky



-Pc’s hop on Wyverns and make their way to Skyreach castle where Talis has said the dragon hoard is being transported
-They arrive to find a cloud giant named Blagothkus in charge of the castle and seemingly in a delicate alliance with the dragon cult.
-After some exchanges, (almost resulting in a TPK) he outs the characters for lying to him. Kills Rezmir and Craggnor and gives the PCs one last chance to come clean.
-PC’s spill that they are working for Asmodeus and are not Dragon Cult after all
-Blagothkus makes them a deal. Rid the castle of the white dragon, and they can go free and he may even assist them with their mission.
-Some of the party rests
-Hisser has the perfect day
-They come together and after a hard fought battle manage to defeat Glazhael the Cloudchaser (hisser gets the last blow)
- They return to Blagothkus and he mentions there are a few remaining allies of the Dragon cult that need culling. He promises treasure if they can kill the red wizards and the vampire.
-Pcs check on Red Wizards and realize that one of them is Azbara Jos who feigns ignorance on knowing them
-Pcs leave them for now and pursue the vampires
-They try to climb the tower (badly) but finally make it in
-Everyone but Jongst finds vampires and they think they kill them

Notable Characters
The PC’s
+Tiny Mountain

Major NPCs
Rezmir the Black
Azbara Jos + 1 red wizard

Kill Log

Notable Loot/items
Censure (warped back to Gra’zzt)

Secrets Found?
Loot under the ice in the dragon’s lair

Chapter 8:
Through the Portal....


The Characters pass through the portal of Naerytar and arise on a windswept mountain top
Three other portals stand at each point of the compass
A bows throw away is a hunting lodge that the characters move to
The start exploring, running into several human servants and an ornery 4 armed troll, but manage to convince them they are with the dragon cult

After exploring the hunting lodge and a couple shenanigans with a teleporting tapestry, the group finds that Farideh has disappeared and in his place there is a Crow like humanoid named Hisser. It takes a little convincing but the party ends up adopting Hisser and heads up to the second floor to meet with Talis.

Talis welcomes the PCs to her lodge and informs them that she can see through their disguises. She proposes an interesting offer. Help her take down Varram the White who resides in a flying castle (which is being used to transport the dragon cult treasure the party has been chasing), and she will let them keep the dragon hoard treasure.

The party agrees, she gives them some cultist signals, a banner to fly and offers beds to the party.

Torin and Vala go rest. Thrognar and the two rogues explore the lodge. The first door open is Talis’ private chambers where she is relaxing. She scolds the players for entering, but in a bold move, is seduced by Thrognar’s charm. The rogues leave and head to the basement where they find three other prisoners. One, a minion of the very Vallam that Talis wants removed, the other two being agents of Asmodeus.

The rogues free all three, two of which disappear with a press of the buttons on their collar.

They are left with the dwarf who is encouraging them to leave the lodge as quickly as possible.

The PC’s
Valaryn Khazz’al
Farideh KhageHisser
Torrin Kriv
Fat Dog

Major NPCs
Talis Kasteral (Talis the White)
Craggnor <- is he the dwarf?

Kill Log

Notable Loot/items
5 colored banner of the dragon cult

Secrets Found?

Chapter 7:
Castle Naerytar



  • Characters travel into the mere of dead men
  • Disguised as Dragon Cultists, they talk a Lizardfolk namds Snapjaw into leading them to the castle
  • The castle seems occupied mostly by Bullywogs and Lizardfolk who guard the keep and run the daily activities

Notable Characters
The PC’s
Farideh Khage

Major NPCs

Kill Log

Notable Loot/items

Secrets Found?

Chapter 6:
The Carnath Roadhouse



  • PC’s find that the treasure passes into the Carnath Roadhouse, but does not seem to leave
  • Investigate and find it is ran by Bog Luck, a Burly Half-Orc that runs the roadhouse with a tight fist
  • Sneaky investigation points to the treasure being ferried underneath the roadhouse to a system of tunnels that the PCs find leads to Castle Naerytar in the Mere of deadmen
  • PCs blow up the road house, collapsing the tunnels, and closing off their way through them to the castle. The PCs must travel overground instead

Notable Characters
The PC’s

Major NPCs

  • Bog Luck

Kill Log

Notable Loot/items

Secrets Found?


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